Is Kate Middleton's Second Child's Name Hidden In Our Property List?

It all started as a passing comment in the office after we took on four properties in one day with a Royal Connection to Kate and William (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). Then over the next few weeks more and more connections came in.

So what is the connection?

We’ve concluded all the evidence is pointing towards possible names for the future second child of Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge (if it’s a girl that is).

So here’s how the properties came in.  First was St Andrews Street, of course this is a reference to where the couple famously met, at St Andrews University, shortly followed by Queens Road.

Next up on the market was Windsor Square, the surname of William.  Then came Castle Fields, Duchy Drive and Balmoral Drive.  Although we had no Westminster or Abbey inbetween, we did have St Georges Estate!

So here’s the part we think may be of interest and could point us towards a name for the next child born to Prince William and Kate:

Lady Margaret Gardens

Victoria Street

Caroline Road

Poppy Lodge

Reports have already been made that Elizabeth, Diana and Henry have the top odds for the unborn Royal Babies name so watch this space!....


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